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There’s an interesting thread of conversation going on at ProBlogger that began with a post entitled Should Bloggers Forget Adsense?

I don’t consider myself a problogger in that I don’t blog for money. Or rather, making money isn’t the reason I blog. Yes, I have added affiliate links to my blogs. Yes, they do produce income. Yes, I have begun to test these link, the blogging software I use and the placement of everything to see if it improves response. But I didn’t get started in blogging thinking that I would make money. And I’m really not making all that much, which is fine by me.

I blog as an outlet, to create virtual networks, to share the things I find interesting and, occasionally, to try and influence others.

For those of you who are blogging for dollars, ProBlogger is a site you should visit frequently, or whose RSS you need to add to your daily feed reader. The conversation going on about this particular topic, via the post and comments, is interesting and insightful.

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