Maria Todd has been found

For all the Maria Todd fans, she’s started work on 99.7-FM KFRC in San Francisco. From A+E Interactive:

The Bay’s new adult hip-hopping station, 99.7-FM KFRC, now called “Movin’ 99.7, has hired Baltazar, from New York, as its morning man. His partner will be Maria Todd from Houston.

Their show starts Thursday. I’ll give you some of the bio that just crossed the wires, and try to hook up an interview for next column.


I’m sorry that she’s not going to surface in Houston.

(Found via mikemcguff.)

Author: Paloma Cruz

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6 thoughts on “Maria Todd has been found”

  1. Hey Maria. I used to listen to you, Sam Malone, and Michele Fisher on 104KRBE in Houston. I really miss hearing your voice. Nothing against Atom Smasher, but you and Sam made a GREAT team. Good luck with your career in SF. If you ever come back to Houston feel free to marry me with your big,sexy, juicy, fine, delicious self. you on

    Dwayne the Boogey Bear

  2. i too miss you maria, loved your show, hated you are gone, but really please do good and be blessed (like i say to all)
    lots of love

  3. MARIA…BABY…it’s been so long..and we STILL miss you here in Hosuton…Thank God the net exists and we’re able to listen to you..miss that laugh.

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