Mark Cuban vs. Blogger

From Shel Holtz’ blog (posting IceRocket to stop listing Blogger blogs), to blog maverick (posting A splog here, a splog there, pretty soon it ads up… and we all lose), to the buzz on the blogosphere… it looks like the spamblogs populating Blogger are creating a reaction. I don’t know if it’s a positive reaction, or a negative reaction, but it is generating a buzz.

Shel writes:

…has prompted Mark Cuban, owner of the IceRocket blog search engine (in addition to the Dallas Mavericks) to warn users of the Google-owned blogging service that he’s close to excluding blogs from his service.

Mark writes:

Blogger is by far the worst offender. Google seems to be working hard to adjust their relevancy indexes to exclude splog from having influence on search rankings, but they dont seem to be doing anything more than removing reported splogs. Kind of like going after the zombies one at a time with a shovel. Can we get some help on this Google ? (you can check out to get a feel for just how much splog we are talking about )

Whatever your take on this may be, I can already feel the ripples starting. Who knows what happens now?

Author: Paloma Cruz

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