marketing opportunities

According to ClickZ we are in the middle of a new baby boom.

According to recent research, there are currently about 482 births per hour in the United States. BabyZone reported in 2005 the birth rate was higher than it had been in 30 years. The opportunity to target pregnant women and new moms has always existed through women’s portals and ad network channels offering pregnancy and parenting content. Recently, though, these opportunities seem to have, well, reproduced.

So what does this mean? It means that using images of pregnant women, new mothers of all ages, and creating a target message to this group for your product or service may be needed. It means brainstorming to see if there are marketing opportunities to reach new customers. It means that there are demographic changes in the works, and the people who buy/use/fund our companies and our clients’ companies are changing as well.

It’s an opportunity. Let’s not miss it.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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