Marketing to Hispanics

I found this little bit on Marketing to hispanics, a blog with this description: “The Hispanic population is now the largest minority in the US and is expected to grow twice as fast as any other segment in the next 20 years. For companies that are competing in the US, understanding Hispanics is a must in order for them to be able to persuade and convince this segment to buy or use their products or services.”

It is widely known that almost 60% of all Hispanics in the US come from Mexico so, segmenting by country of origin is the most common and easy way to segment this group. But, by segmenting Hispanics by country of origin, marketers might be missing the point that even those from the same country have very different cultural backgrounds and, thus, needs.

Thought I don’t know where he gets the 60% stat… ditto.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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