marketing to women

Business First has a great article on the buying habits of women. “Buying attitudes: Good value counts for a lot when women go shopping” provides information on types of purchases, attitudes and money spent.

According to Winston-Salem, N.C.-based market research company, Frank About Women, some trends for women shoppers are:

* They’re doing more comparison price shopping.
* They’re more aggressive in their search for sales.
* They’re spending more conservatively because of concerns about the economy.

In fact, 51 percent of woman say they have a new value mindset when it comes to shopping, according to a 2003 study, “Retail Rituals,” by the research firm.

Whether they like to shop or not, today’s shoppers are looking for a good price, unique products and convenience.

Nice to know if you or your client is trying to sell to this market.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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