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I thought this was a good resource to share on a blog about libraries: “Twelve Ways To Mark Up A Book.”

There are many different ways to read books and just as many ways to remember their salient points. One of the most effective ways to get the most out of a book is to mark it up. There is no standard way to mark up a text, but below are a few ways that students have found effective in marking up a textbook so that one can see the important points quickly, make it more memorable, and make it easy to pick up years later and re-acquaint oneself with the major concepts.

The list of things not to do (on their post it has details):

  • Don’t use a highlighter
  • Don’t mark large volumes of text
  • Don’t take the time to mark up items that you read on a daily basis
  • Don’t mark the obvious

List of things to do:

  • Mark the text with a pencil, pen, or, even better, colored fine-tipped pens
  • Know your preferences
  • Underline the topic sentence in a passage
  • Use codes
  • Write the passage topic in the margin as a reminder
  • Write questions in the margin
  • Circle new and unfamiliar words
  • Add your or other author’s perspectives in the margins
  • Add cross-reference notes to other works on the same topic
  • Add structure to a narrative text
  • Draw arrows to related ideas
  • Summarize

Found via LifeHacker.

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