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I posted about Mayor White honoring a Houston librarian during his inauguration, but that being glossed over by media. Well, a day later, the media get it right. It’s the same story that was up yesterday, but it’s been lengthened.

City workers are stars of White’s day
He recognizes their efforts and urges public to be more involved in bettering Houston

— reported by the Houston Chronicle(1)


White recognized employees including Mark Phalesburgh, a 10-year city veteran in the Solid Waste Management Department, who lost a thumb unloading recyclables into a machine that malfunctioned; Paul Davila, who braves “snakes and rodents” supervising the maintenance of storm sewers; and Sandy Farmer, a librarian who helped create a recreation area for young hurricane evacuees.


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  1. Houston Chronicle links expire after a few days because they’re archived. If you want to access these articles after that, you either have to be a subscriber or go to the Houston Public Library and access the database using your Library Power Card.

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