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Another one found at the Houston Chronicle:


What: A national project to inspire people to record each others’ stories. One person interviews another in a sound booth. They get a CD copy and the interview is stored in the Library of Congress.

Where: Two permanent booths in New York City and two mobile booths traveling the country.

When: A mobile booth is outside the Museum of Natural History, Houston, until Feb. 3. All reservations are filled. For future schedules, access

Who: StoryCorps is a creation of New York City-based Sound Portraits Productions, a nonprofit public-radio documentary production company. In Houston, StoryCorps excerpts air on Fridays during National Public Radio’s Morning Edition on KUHF/88.7-FM.

The quote to note:

“We discovered going through our experiences with miscarriage, there is a feeling of being very alone,” said Darcy Casavant, a Houston Public Library librarian. “We want to take away the silence and the loneliness, so others will feel less alone.”

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