Mental Health Days

I have a few days off, added onto the holiday weekend. Necessary days off where I hope to recharge my batteries and get into a better mood.

I will do as little as possible, I promised myself.

I have made only one appointment for  the entire two days in question (probably a record for me).

I told very few people that I’m off, reducing the risks of getting a “can you please do X for me?” phone calls.

I will sleep in. I will eat lunch with my mother. I will get the oil changed in my truck. I will sort through a file or two. And that’s it.

I will not do laundry. I will not try to reorganize my closets. I will not begin a new diet. I will not try to start an exercise regimen. I will not balance my checkbook. I will not work on proposals. I will not attempt to do so much that I’ll be more tired when the days off end. (These are all things I tried before, on days off.)

I will rest. I promise.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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