Mi Tienda opens in Pasadena

As reported by Hispanic Business:

The store, called Mi Tienda or “my store,” opened in Pasadena on Wednesday. It’s a 63,000-square-foot remodeled store featuring Mexican decor like papel picado, talavera tile, and food appealing to Hispanics. It also has a large patio for dining and entertainment.

The store features 20 varieties of aguas frescas and a restaurant serving Mexican and Cuban-style foods, as well as a carniceria, panaderia, pescaderia and cremeria (or meat market, bakery, fish market and dairy store).

Employees wear nametags that include their birthplaces, and managers wear traditional guayaberas.

I’ve driven by this store a few times. It’s packed to the rafters. No parking available. Lots of people.

I think I’ll wait until the hype dies down a little to visit the inside.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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One thought on “Mi Tienda opens in Pasadena”

  1. Mi Tienda is a great store to get your little odds and ends and so called antojitos but I totally agree that it is extremely crowded and after a while the food is not all that great! The Barbacoa is okay because it is a great price. My husband liked it for the music and ambiance but I thought it was crowded and music a little to loud. Parking stinks, People are friendly and I do like to buy cucumber pineapple drinks there… But on the other hand, You get a little bit of everything here in Pasadena, Texas

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