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Be a rock star
A lot of people start blogging wanting to make a name for themselves. Unlike me, who started blogging to… blog, really. I wanted to put my words out there, thinking that I had something to add, something to say. Occassionally, connections to make.

Copyblogger tells us that, if you want to be a “rock star” in your niche, you need to “push into other areas”:

For example, you can:

  • publish in dead tree trade publications (it still works)
  • seek broadcast media attention
  • star in a radio show or podcast
  • speak at conferences and trade shows
  • run your own seminars
  • write a book or produce an information product
  • work out joint ventures with relevant players
  • network like crazy based on all of the above

All good advice.

internet duct tape has a great subscription page (I hope to copy one one, when I get time). There are options available for different technologies and needs. Very efficient.

A comprehensive blogging procedure
Josh Hallet writes about the procedure National Geographic Traveler Magazine has to approve blog posts for the Intelligent Travel blog:

each post on that blog is looked at by at least two researchers and a copy editor before it goes live

That’s… ummm… a lot more work than I’ve seen on any other blog. Does anyone know of another blog with this kind of vetting process?


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