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When it comes to evacuations, 2-1-1 can help one to flee

The City of Pasadena and Governor’s Division of Emergency Management (GDEM) are encouraging residents with special health care or transportation needs who live in evacuation zones to get their evacuation plan ready as hurricane season begins.

Mayor John Manlove is encouraging all special needs Pasadena residents, which are residents who cannot evacuate in a hurricane evacuation without help, to call 2-1-1 and register for a ride.

“By calling 2-1-1, our special health care residents, including those who are disabled or medically fragile, can talk to an operator and register for assistance now,” Manlove said. “Our residents need to know that they must take advantage of the 2-1-1 assistance as soon as possible. They cannot wait until a storm is in the Gulf to register for this assistance.”

Operators answering the phones at 2-1-1 are prepared to help special needs citizens register for transportation and special assistance. Additionally, residents that do not have a car or another means of evacuation transportation may also call and register in advance for assistance.

Pasadena Emergency Management Coordinator, Robert Hemminger, echoed the Mayor’s call for preparedness. “We are taking early steps to help all of our citizens get ready for the possibility of an evacuation,” Hemminger noted. “It is also advisable for everyone to begin now to make evacuation plans, prepare an emergency kit, get supplies to secure your home and stay informed about the weather.”

For more hurricane preparedness tips on the web, log on to the Governor’s Division of Emergency Management website at:, the FEMA website at:, or the Red Cross at

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