more news items on the City's censorship issue

Further roundup of news coverage on the recent City of Houston controversy surrounding access TV:

  • Public access TV supporters take case to council — They argue that the funding for the channel should not be held up because of ‘obscene’ show, reported by the Houston Chronicle. “…sought to defend the channel — a forum where public contributors host a variety of shows — after Councilwoman Addie Wiseman questioned its programming, labeling a recent segment “obscene” and prompting the funding delay.
  • Viewers respond to cable channel’s SOS call — Supporters plan to speak up for MediaSource, whose public funding is in peril, reported by the Houston Chronicle. “The channel’s supporters answered today… Almost 20 of them spoke at this morning’s City Council meeting, expressing their frustration about the decision last week to delay funding for the channel and defending it as a valuable public resource.
  • Salty language on public access TV shocks city leader, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. “A Houston city council member stayed up late one night watching the access channel on TV and she didn’t like what she saw and heard. Now she’s stirred up a controversy at City Hall and stalled passage of the $800,000 budget for Houston’s MediaSource channel… In other words, if you subscribe to cable TV in Houston, you’re paying for public access TV. And city council members can’t just take the money away from Media Source and spend it on something else. That money’s dedicated for public access TV.
  • Emotions high at City Council over access TV, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. “City Council Member Addie Wiseman objects to the racy language sometimes aired on Houston MediaSource, the access channel funded with fees paid by cable TV subscribers.
  • City official’s criticism prompts meeting on public access TV content, reported by KTRK ABC Channel 13.

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