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I spoke to my apartment manager about the lease violation/noise complaint. I told her that I’ve never received a complaint like this before and wanted specifics.

The specifics are vague. Basically, the complaint is that we were playing music and making excessive noise after hours. What the excessive noise was remains a mystery. And I don’t recall either of us playing music Sunday night (the night the complaint was made, via phone).

I have to talk to my brother to see what he was doing that night, but I’m pretty sure that we weren’t playing music. Regardless, I still don’t know what the “excessive noise” referred to, other than it was something besides the alleged music.

I told the apartment manager that, without knowing specifically what the cause behind the complaint was, it increased the likelihood of my inadvertently repeating the behavior. She made sympathetic noises and offered no real advice.

At this point I’ve been told that I can write a letter to refute the complaint, which will be added to my file.

What happens if we receive another complaint? I start looking for a new place, whether I want to or not. Maybe now is the time to start looking for a lawyer.

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