more proof I need a new job

I came across this article at HispanicAd, giving me further proof that I need to find a new job… fast! Eight Signs That Say It’s Time to Change Jobs covers some of the indicators that it’s time to pull out your resumer and start to job hunt. Here are the ones that really struck a cord:

2. Your boss doesn’t like you, and you don’t like him/her. You don’t like your boss’s character or style. He/she never solicits your opinion, invites you into his/her office to chat or out to lunch. You don’t support his agenda or initiatives. If you’ve ever done something to undermine your boss, you might as well get out now.

Picture me, nodding my head, muttering “uh huh, uh huh…”

8. You dread going to work and feel like you are developing an ulcer. The very idea of going to work makes you anxious or physically sick. You can’t sleep on Sunday nights and you’ve used up all your sick days. You have a hard time concentrating and count the hours from the time you arrive at the office until the second you leave.

I’ve started taking mental health days and every morning I need to talk myself into going in to work.

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