my handbag survives

The highlight of my day has been finding out that my new fossil bag didn’t suffer any permanent damage because of my mad dash through the rain today.

In a day when I’ve been called to attention (with subtlety and without) about my shortcomings (real and imagined), finding out that I’d forgotten to pack an umbrella to my lunch meeting was just one more upsetting item in a long list of them… and that was mostly because I’d taken my computer with me. I was supposed to go from a lunch meeting to working remotely for a few hours to an off-site meeting, so I needed to carry my technology with me today. I didn’t want to leave my Macbook in the car (not because of safety, but because of the 100+ degree weather). And so I had to worry about water getting into my very nice hot pink computer case.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t wait out the rain. This is Houston. Rain can go on forever (seemingly) and flood streets quickly or stop suddenly with water receding as if it hadn’t rained at all. Without knowing which way the weather was going to go, I had to make it to my car before it got worse.

So I made a sprint (in business casual and heeled shoes) to my car, in the rain, protecting my case as much as I could without looking completely idiotic.

I didn’t remember what water does to leather, until I saw the splotches of dark on my new green bag when I set it on the passenger seat.

I gave myself a few minutes to hyperventilate. This was, after all, the first handbag I’ve bought in months — a beautiful find at the outlet mall last weekend. It’s gorgeous, with detailed trims and spacious pockets. And it’s a brand name bag, something I haven’t allowed myself in quite a while, preferring the bargain store variety instead. So, the price was quite a big higher than what I normally pay. Of course, I also bought the matching wallet, but that’s not relevant to the rain story.

I let it go after a few moments, mostly because I’ve been having a bad day and made the decision, on the spot, that if worse came to worse I’d just replace it. (An extravagant promise to myself which I’m not quite certain I would have kept.) And I drove to my next stop in a day-long jam-packed schedule of one locale after another.

Imagine my surprise when I realized, on parking at my next building, that most of the damage created by the water stain were erased once the water dried. Yes, I can still tell where the bigger spots were located, but it just looks like wear and tear now, adding character to the uneven green.

And I breathe a sigh of release, sharing my joy with you in the few moments before my next meeting.

I’m very glad my new bag survived.

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