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McDonald’s is blogging. (Thanx Micro Persuasion).

How to write a marketing story that sticks. Your story must be relevant, unique, and memorable.

A Generation Serves Notice: It’s a Moving Target, by the New York Times. This is a really good article about marketing to Generation Tech.

Judge: HPD officer can speak his mind
— reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11

A Houston police officer is once again criticizing his department’s chase policy Thursday morning.

A federal judge ruled Thursday morning that he, in fact, could do that.

HPD commanders gave officer Thomas Nixon desk duty after he complained the department is unnecessarily putting the public in danger.

His comments came after a chase last month in which a suspect hit a family head-on.

Nixon said it could have been avoided if officers had permission to ram the suspect’s car.

But HPD commanders punished him for his comments.

A federal judge overruled that Thursday morning.”

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