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The Miami Herald has one of the most comprehensive on-line newspaper services I’ve seen. They cover national and international events as well as local, and you can find the full-text of the articles at their site. They also have El Nuevo Herald, which is the Spanish version of the paper and is recognized nationally as a premier newspaper in Spanish. You can find numerous articles on topics of importance to the U.S. Hispanic community at both sites.

Women’s Wire is a daily news service dedicated to women’s issues. In addition to today’s hot news topic, they have a variety of features that cover career, health and relationships. This site is a good resource if you want to brush up on women’s topics or want to find other web pages.

Salon Magazine is one of the most successful on-line publications for one important reason: it has a great combination of good graphics and incredible writing. Covering topics from technology, sex, politics and the media, this online publication manages to stimulate your thinking.

Another great on-line mag is MAXI. MAXI is an unapologetic feminist forum whose articles may offend and/or amuse, but always manage to provoke a response.

For those of you addicted, as I am, to the movies, you might want to visit Girls on Film. Started as a college class-project, this now commercial site offers intriguing and insightful reviews of hundreds of movies, including new releases. Find your favorite movies and see if you agree with their reviews.

Want the latest gossip? Visit TV Guide Online. This site provides daily updates on what’s going on in the entertainment world, as well as a web version of their magazine.

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