Next year's hurricane season could be just as busy

Hurricane season finally ending, but next year could be bad, too
— reported by KTRK ABC Channel 13

The busiest and costliest Atlantic hurricane season on record officially — and mercifully — draws to a close Wednesday, with hundreds of thousands of Americans still dealing with the devastation wrought by Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

Despite the end of the June 1-to-Nov. 30 season, hurricanes could still form over the next few months. In fact, a tropical storm took shape in the Atlantic on Tuesday. But no hurricane has been known to hit the United States between December and May.


The relief may not last very long: Forecasters say 2006 could be another brutal year, because the Atlantic is in a period of frenzied hurricane activity that began in 1995 and could last at least another decade.

Government hurricane experts say the increase is due to a natural cycle of higher sea temperatures, lower wind shear and other factors, though some scientists blame global warming.


So, I guess I need to have my hurricane kit ready in May.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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