No, I’m not taking that job

Yes, I think I’d have fun at your workplace.
Yes, what my job would entail is essentially getting paid to do things I’m already doing for fun.
Yes, I know that I could accomplish quite a bit working for you.
Yes, I know that there’s room for advancement and to learn in this job.
Yes, I think I’d be a really good fit for your organizational culture.
Yes, I already have a few friends who work there.
Yes, you have nice toys I can play with while working there.
Yes, I really want to say yes.

No, I will not be taking that job.

I cannot take a job making almost half what I make now.
I cannot take a job that doesn’t even offer benefits.
I like paying my bills, and my rent, and buying groceries and stuff.
I cannot live off job satisfaction alone.

Good luck finding someone else. I’m sure there’s someone out there, with less experience and expertise, who won’t wince at the salary.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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