no respect

In Houston, we get no respect from the rest of the country.

Hurricane Katrina… its aftermath… work involved in responding to that… my back issues… baby brother going away to basic training for the National Guard… all have contributed to light blogging. If it weren’t for that, there would have been countless posts about Katrina, resources for its survivors and other info on how Houston has stepped up to respond to our Gulf Coast neighbors.

Yet, despite all the volunteering and the donations and the fact that Houston literally responded before the state of Louisiana or the federal government, what do we get? An article in the New York Times that, basically, says we’re an opportunistic bunch of people profiting off the catastrophe.


Having spent the afternoon in the George R. Brown, seeing firsthand the survivors and the volunteers, I don’t understand how this article ever made print.

Shame on you.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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