now I've heard everything… Wayback Machine is being sued

The Wayback Machine is being sued because their archives were used in a lawsuit against someone… I think.

Excerpt from the article, Keeper of Expired Web Pages Is Sued Because Archive Was Used in Another Suit:

…Healthcare Advocates sued both the Harding Earley firm and the Internet Archive, saying the access to its old Web pages, stored in the Internet Archive’s database, was unauthorized and illegal.


The Internet Archive uses Web-crawling “bot” programs to make copies of publicly accessible sites on a periodic, automated basis. Those copies are then stored on the archive’s servers for later recall using the Wayback Machine.

The archive’s repository now has approximately one petabyte – roughly one million gigabytes – worth of historical Web site content, much of which would have been lost as Web site owners deleted, changed and otherwise updated their sites.

I found this story via LibrarianInBlack, whose comment is “Truth and accurate representations of past information are bad, apparently.” Yep.

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