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blogHOUSTON’s Kevin Whited made two very good observations in a post about Metro’s response to a bus shooting earlier today.

Observation #1: METRO spokesperson Raequel Roberts should never, ever let Chief Lambert speak to the press without supervision. The implication that METRO carries a lot of passengers daily without many deaths probably isn’t very reassuring to the family of the man who was killed, to riders on the bus, or to anyone really.

Observation #2: Homicide detectives arrived two hours after the shooting? That isn’t very reassuring either.

This definitely could have been handled better. I’m just glad it didn’t have to be handled by me.

I might have stressed the safety precautions in place, talked about any reviews or improvements being recommended for safety in the future, and expressed sympathy for the family.

Well, really he made three great observations:

On the topic of murder and mayhem, KTRH-740 just noted that this murder was Houston’s eleventh since Friday. The Mayor’s PR operation is really going to be earning its keep if it figures out a way to spin this one. Or maybe they’ve figured out there is no good way to spin it, and that’s why we keep hearing comments instead from Councilmember Adrian Garcia.

Hmmm… I’m also glad I don’t have to handle that one.

Suggestions for the good people at METRO or City Hall?

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