One cream and two Equal #smallvictories

McDonald's Coffee
My daily indulgence.

Every morning I stop for coffee at the local McDonald’s. It’s a few blocks from my house, on the way to the freeway, so it’s a convenient stop. The fact that the nice people in the drive-thru window will put in the right amount of cream and sugar, instead of giving me packets so I can try to prepare it myself while pulled over, well that helps a lot.

I adore coffee. I drink it in the morning, afternoon and evening. I order it with meals at restaurants. I brew it at home and at work.

One of the big shocks I had when I started counting points was how many points my coffee was costing me. I used to order a large coffee at McDonald’s with 4 cream and 7 equal. That’s 4 points. 4 points! If I just had one a day, that wouldn’t be so bad. But I had refill after refill throughout the day. I was literally consuming all my indulgence points one sip at a time.

I had to stop.

I started to cut back on my cream and sweetener one serving at a time. Today I am down to 1 creamer and 2 equal. Woo hoo!

Next stop: black coffee!

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