online help to track down your family

Online sites help family trees branch out
— reported by the Houston Chronicle


For amateur genealogists, cyberspace has added a new dimension, one that helps them accomplish more in less time. As the number of online genealogy Web sites grows, so does the community that practices the hobby and so do the family trees they uncover.


Researching a family tree used to be painfully slow and tedious. Amateurs could dig for months for paper records that promised to offer crucial facts about a relative’s life, sometimes finding nothing at all.

But with Web sites dedicated to genealogy, some free and others for a fee, novices can share techniques and connect with distant relatives they likely wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Houstonians have great local resources to help in this search, the Houston Public Library’s Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research has “resources for Texas, other states and around the world.” Find them online at

Author: Paloma Cruz

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