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Sears gets a new image
The Associated Press reports that Sears is trying to get hip1, and catch a higher portion of the teen customer base. Why? Because, especially in today’s economy, “what’s certain, experts say, is that the chain led by financier Edward Lampert desperately needs to reinvent itself if it’s going to survive”.

An MBA or an MFA, or whatever
In a very timely post (as I continue to wrestle with the idea of going to get my Master’s Degree) Penelope Trunk, Brazen Careerist, gives us Seven reasons why graduate school is outdated:

  1. Graduate school is an extreme investment for a fluid workplace.
  2. Graduate school is no longer a ticket to play.
  3. Graduate school requires you to know what will make you happy before you try it.
  4. Graduate degrees shut doors rather than open them.
  5. If you don’t actually use your graduate degree, you look unemployable.
  6. Graduate school is an extension of childhood.
  7. Early adult life is best if you are lost.

1 = Story found on the Houston Chronicle. Article may expire in a few weeks.

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