out of the way places to get free WiFi

Wine and a laptop, please
Free WiFi lets patrons wrap up the day’s work in a social setting

— reported by the Houston Chronicle


Coffee shops with WiFi used to be considered a novelty; they dangled the service to lure customers. Now it’s more unusual if cafes and equally hip bubble-tea joints don’t have wireless Internet service.

What’s emerging are the less conventional places that offer WiFi. They include the Corkscrew, a laid-back wine bar that brothers Andrew and Doyle Adams opened nearly three months ago.


WiFi is popular at bars and pubs, too. Stephen Marsh, owner of the Dugout Sports Bar & Grill, says he sees “laptops in here all the time now.” It’s not unusual for 15 to 20 people to use their computers during a football game, Marsh says.


For a serene setting, visit Té House of Tea. Loose-leaf tea lovers can thank Connie Lacobie and Alyson Bell for converting a laundromat into a charming shop that sells mostly fair-trade and organic teas. Food choices include crepes, salads, sandwiches, quiches, homemade ice cream and irresistible sweets from André’s Pastry Shop and Café.

Though the teahouse, frequented by artists, opened in March, it didn’t begin providing free WiFi until a month later. Lacobie was concerned that laptop users, who are encouraged to sit on one side of the shop near four outlets, would linger too long, taking space from other customers and hurting business.


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