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Long lines, short tempers as court goes paperless
— reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11(1)

A Houston court’s first attempt to go paperless did not go so well Tuesday. The new computer system just couldn’t handle the load generated by a big post holiday crowd.


The city’s attempt to go paperless with a new computer system created long lines and short tempers.

“Getting here at nine o’clock thinking I have time to go to court and get back to work taking off an hour. Now I’m missing four hours instead of one,” said Houston resident Michael Fondal.

Judges, clerks, and police can now access paperwork for all cases.

Richard Lewis, the city’s information technology director, said the hardware on the new system just wasn’t big enough.

“Primarily the time it took was longer than it should so we’ve shut it down and we’re going back to the old system,” Lewis said.

But only temporarily. The city has invested $10 million in the Integrated Court Management System.


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