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Parkinson’s killed my father. We need a cure.

Parkinson’s study tries ‘neurobiology of music’
Researcher wants to know which beats help patients improve movement
— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Howard Tomlinson and his wife of 57 years, Joy, recently returned from an 11-day Caribbean cruise, with stops in Panama and Costa Rica.

The Katy couple always have enjoyed dancing, though since the onset of Parkinson’s disease about four years ago, Howard Tomlinson’s capacity for cutting a rug has been somewhat diminished.
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“The music just makes you want to move. We’ve danced all over the place. You know: Harry James, country-western, waltzes, the two-step. You can always move if you have the right music,” said the 80-year-old Tomlinson, a retired electrical engineer.

Dr. Ron Tintner, a neurologist at the Methodist Neurological Institute and its Movement Disorders Clinic, hopes Tomlinson’s assessment of the link between music and movement proves correct.

He has launched a clinical study of music and its potential for improving motion in Parkinson’s patients.


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