Pasadena ISD TAKS results improve

Preliminary results show steady gains on reading TAKS test
— reported by the Pasadena Independent School District

According to preliminary results, third and fifth grade students in the Pasadena Independent School District are continuing to show steady gains on the reading portion of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test.

Ninety-one percent of the district’s third grade students passed the test and exceeded the state’s average of 89 percent. Another bright spot in the 2006 preliminary results is a seven-percent increase in commended students as 41 percent of students districtwide received this honor as compared to 34 percent last year.

The third grade results have continued to climb since the test was first administered in 2003, as 82 percent of students passed the test that year. Fifth grade students posted a 77 percent passing rate on the 2006 reading portion of the test, but have shown continuous improvement every year. In 2003, 69 percent of fifth graders mastered the test. Spanish TAKS reading scores have also shown an 18 percent gain in the past two years, with 74 percent passing this year, as compared to 59 percent in 2004.


Another bright spot in the preliminary third grade reading scores showed passing rates among different subgroups exceeded the state average. The preliminary totals showed 91 percent of Hispanic third grade students passed the reading TAKS, as compared to the state average of 86 percent. The totals also noted that 90 percent of economically disadvantaged students mastered the exam, while 84 percent of students in this subgroup passed statewide. In addition, preliminary numbers show an 84 percent passing rate among African-American students in the district, compared to 81 percent statewide.


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