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Candidates for mayor of Pasadena are coming out of the woodwork, reports The Pasadena Citizen. We could have a new mayor by Christmas. This is, of course, after former Mayor John Manlove stepped down to take a shot at a congressional seat.

If you were one of the people who suggered from flood damage in the recent Tropical Storm Erin, there’s good news. FEMA opened a Disaster Recovery Center in Harris County. In Pasadena, you can find them at 3222 Burke Road, Suite 104.

Pasadena citizens now have the option of payment plans, if they have a large water bill. This applies to water users “whose bills show a sudden increase of at least 500 percent more than their typical monthly bill,” reports the Houston Chronicle. More, “Ten customers have seen their water bills jump by amounts between $1,000 and $6,000, and there may be others with smaller increases [snip].” Wow, that’s a lot of water.

CrimeStoppers has offered $5,000 for any tips leading to the arrest of the person or people who killed Ryan Mills, a Pasadena man. Mills was killed late 2006. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, “Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477).”

The city council in neighboring Pearland approved a capital improvement plan to take them through 2012. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, “In 2008, the city will spend $10.9 million for drainage improvements, $36.5 million for street work, $12.5 million for facilities, $5.7 million for parks, $10.5 million for water upgrades and $17.1 million for wastewater improvements.”

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