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The cost of Galveston
It may soon cost more money to go to Galveston. Galveston city council is expected to put paid seawall parking on a November ballot. Local residents have opposed a previous look at taking this step. I wouldn’t think that this is going to be a popular move.

Boardwalk Bullet
Down in Kemah, it looks like neighbors of the Kemah Boardwalk are less than thrilled with the new Boardwalk Bullet. I can imagine that having a roller coaster in your backyard would make homeownership a burden. It’s now like when you buy a house near the airport and you know, in advance, that sound is going to be an issue. This was built around them.

It’s hard to reconcile economic development with the rights and needs of the people who live in the area. Kemah Boardwalk attracts millions of tourists a year (according to the Chronicle). Sound was already an issue. This is going to make it worse.

Creating a College Bound Culture
Local community colleges are getting together to host Creating a College Bound Culture, “an event in which people can find out about registration, scholarships, financial aid and other important information related to attending a local community college.” The event, as reported by the Chronicle, will be “from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. July 21 at Hermann Square, located in downtown Houston at 901 Bagby Street.”


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