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This isn’t news… but it is sad, and irritating, and maddening.

Gender wage inequality persists, study says

— reported by the Houston Chronicle

The latest data on gender pay equity shows that little progress has been made in closing the gap between what men and women earn.

In this country, women make about 76 1/2 cents for every dollar men make for doing the same job. That’s up from about 63 cents three decades ago.


The latest finding is from the group’s annual salary survey, which was recently released. It looked at more than 100 jobs in 20 industries nationwide and found that in 2004, men earned more in all areas, including those professions where women tend to thrive.

Female high school teachers, for example, earned an average of $42,848, compared with $49,660 for men who have the same tenure and credentials.

The survey also found that female marketing and sales managers earned $46,696 in 2004, compared with $74,932 for men; female physicians and surgeons earned $50,856, compared with $97,448 for men; female securities, commodities and financial services sales agents earned $33,853, compared with $60,736 for men.


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