One of the benefits of blogging, even with the highly erratic blogging schedule that I keep, is the outlet for things about which I want to vent. There are things I don’t want to talk about, things I don’t want to be questioned about, that still need to be aired.

Sometimes things happen that I know I need to share, that for mental health I need to share. But I don’t really want to engage in conversation, not real face-to-face discussions with people I know. I don’t want the daily questions and follow-ups and well-intentioned support.

For these issues, weaknesses, awkward confessions, I need the anonymous support network of the two or three readers I have. Just getting the words out and knowing that someone, somewhere, is reading them… Well, that’s enough for me.

My weight loss is one of these topics. I appreciate the words of encouragement I get from friends and coworkers, but I hate answering questions about my diet.

What do you do? What do you eat? How are you maintaining your commitment? Aren’t you tempted?

The same questions over and over abiout how I can resist temptation and the daily challenges of staying on track. The truly intrusive tell me about their own weight loss failures and give me their best wishes that I have better luck (with some adding that my kind of weight loss is always followed by weight gain).

My brother being in a warzone is another topic. What’s the adequate response to someone asking you “aren’t you worried about him?” Am I supposed to show tears each time I talk about him? I try and stay upbeat, positive, but that’s not good enough for the masses.

On my blog, via Twitter or whatever other tool I happen to be using, I can just ignore the responses I don’t want to deal with, and embrace those I do. What a wonderful thing.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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