photographing immigrants

Since, apparently, they didn’t have enought to do, Houston Police thought it was going to be a good idea to take photos of day workers (immigrants) to identify them. In Cops armed with cameras take aim at day laborers, KHOU Channel 11 reports:

For months, people have complained day laborers trespass on their private property while waiting for work.

This week, Houston police started a new initiative, warning them to stay away.

Since few carry identification, officers are taking pictures of the people they talk to, using snapshots as proof they’ve been warned. If they’re caught trespassing again, they’ll go to jail. Businesses say it’s about time.

Right on the heels of their controversial decision by the Houston Police Department to photograph day workers, they have decided not to do it. In Officers told not to photograph illegal day workers, the Houston Chronicle reports:

The Houston Police Department has instructed officers not to photograph illegal immigrants seeking day jobs, after an incident last month prompted an outcry from an immigrant rights group.

They didn’t anticipate the backlash? Don’t they know that they live in Houston and this kind of stuff won’t be tolerated? Definitely a case of poor planning.

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