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Micro Persuasion has a link to ipodlounge’s iPod 101 tutorial Beginner’s Guide to Podcast Creation. Steve writes, it “walks through the different elements you need to create a simple podcast, from computer and microphone through to the finished product.”

Don’t know if you need to add a podcast to your products? Ketchum Ideas outlines several pros and cons in having a corporate podcast.

To podcast….

  • If your information has a long shelf-life
  • If you don’t necessarily need your audience to access your news instantly
  • If you want your listeners to have control over when they receive your information
  • If you want to transmit information easily worldwide without the technical requirements of a live Web cast or broadcast licenses

…or not to podcast

  • If your information is time-sensitive
  • If you’re a publicly traded company looking to rely on podcasting to meet the SEC’s RegFD requirements
  • If you need a large, live audience to receive your information at the same time, in real-time

In addition to the advice, there are lots of good links for podcasting beginners. (Also found this via Micro Persuasion.)

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