PR jobs up

Employment Report: Total PR Jobs Up 4.2%, Advertising Down 2.1%” reports MediaBistro from an Advertising Age report. MediaBistro writes:

[snip] …one part of the issue we’re especially interested in is the U.S.
Media and Advertising/Marketing-Services Jobs report. According to
AdAge’s numbers, PR gained 2,100 jobs from 12/07 to 10/08, which
accounts to a 4.2% overall increase. Meanwhile, ad agencies saw a loss
of 4,000 jobs for a 2.1% overall decrease.

The hottest growth sectors overall were Internet Media Cos./Web
Portals, which grew by 6.5% and Cable TV, which grew by 5.2%. Read the
full report here.

Interesting. Yet I keep running into PR professionals that are looking for jobs.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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