preparing for the Minutemen

Local activists hope to educate and unify the city’s day laborers
They are hitting streets to prepare for the Minutemen

— reported by the Houston Chronicle1

Activists circulated among day laborers near Shepherd on Friday, hoping to organize the workers before the arrival of the Minutemen in October.

The leaders said they plan to hold a meeting Aug. 27 to establish order among the city’s street labor markets, populated mostly by illegal immigrant workers.


Some of the workers wanted to know what they could do if confronted by Minutemen.

“If they come to mistreat us, what happens?” asked David Jimenez, no relation to Maria Jimenez.

Maria Jimenez told him volunteers would be there to show them how to respond in a nonviolent way if confronted.

But other workers said they worry more about the police.

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  1. Houston Chronicle links expire after a few days because they’re archived. If you want to access these articles after that, you either have to be a subscriber or go to the Houston Public Library and access the database using your Library Power Card.

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