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Profit From Private Label Rights
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Private Label Rights take the concept of profiting from other peoples work one step further. They give you the raw data, the meat of the product, and allow you to claim it as your own!

Private Label Rights are an incredible asset to the marketers arsenal. They give you all the benefits of having your own product without the time and effort of creating it yourself. And you don’t get the main problem of “vanilla” resell rights, that of everyone selling the same products.

With the rights to these products you are free to include all the modifications you wish. You can include all the links you want, any graphics you wish and any new content (or edit existing content). And after all this you can place a “(C) Your Name” message to really stamp home the message that this is YOUR work.

However a little more work is required to turn this data into a finished, saleable book or application. It’s not a matter of branding your name and uploading a website – but the small amount of extra effort is well worth it.


As you can see, there are many possibilities.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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