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(…reprint from Paloma Cruz…)

It’s been less than a week, just a few days in fact, and a problem has arisen from the use of Word Press. Thanx to the feedback from a very helpful reader, I was made aware of an error message that’s coming up for a handful of visitors when they attempt to post a comment.

The error message is: “Error: This file cannot be used on its own.”

I haven’t been able to recreate the precise situation that generates this message, but a thread in the WP support forum indicates that more than person is coming up against it.

I’ve made some minor changes that were recommended on the forum. For those readers who still encounter problems commenting, please use the feedback form to submit your comments. Let me know, in the body of the message, what blog and which topic you are commenting about, and I will include it manually (if possible).

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for taking the time to add your voice to the “conversation.”

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