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Some productivity tips and tricks I either have or am thinking about adopting. Hope they help you too.

I hate meetings. In my opinion, they’re seldom productive. Open Loops gives tips on what to do to prepare before, during and after a meeting to make it worth your while. (Found via LifeHacker.)

If you haven’t read “Getting Things Done” already, check out the Wikipedia cliff notes version. It’s an easy primer to the concepts in this book.
Need an email to be perfect before you send it out? A LifeHacker reader makes this great recommendation:

If you’re sending an e-mail that absolutely HAS to be perfect before it goes out, leave the address out of the “To” field, and stick it into the top of the message body instead. Then, you have to consciously act to send these messages, which naturally lends itself to “one more readthrough.”

Richard Kuo gives some tips on managing your email. (Part 1 found via LifeHacker, part 2 found via his blog).

  • Define specific times to check your e-mail.
  • Disable automatic e-mail downloading and alerts
  • Set up GTD folders.
  • Move all your existing e-mail out of your Inbox and into the Action Required or Reference folders.
  • Moving forward, keep the Inbox empty by filing incoming e-mails.

More to follow later.

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