program ICE into your phone

In case of an emergency, ‘ICE’ can be a lifeline
Cell phone entry may help a hospital locate victim’s loved one

— Houston Chronicle2


Allen is among a growing number of people who are putting ICE, or “in case of emergency,” telephone numbers in cell phones that could assist emergency personnel in case of an accident or illness.

“It’s nice to know that they (emergency personnel) know exactly what to look for,” she said. “They know to look for ‘ICE’ rather than husband, son or daughter-in-law.”

The practice requires a person to program ICE before a relative’s or friend’s number in the phone. If a patient is unconscious or nonresponsive, a paramedic or emergency room worker will look in the phone’s address book for an ICE number.

ICE is known worldwide. In Houston, however, it is only slowly catching on.

“I think the ICE thing is very, very important,” Allen said, “and I think it needs to be publicized more.”

Emergency personnel in Houston are aware of ICE. But Houston paramedics don’t use it as much as hospital emergency room workers.


2 = article may expire in a few weeks

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