proof God loves me (A.K.A., why I don’t need new phones)

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I had a very bad few minutes earlier today when I got back to my office after lunch to realize that I had left both my personal phone and my work-issued mobile phone on a chair at the restaurant where I had lunch.

I scrambled there, briskly walking the two blocks to the restaurant, which was located in the downtown tunnels, telling myself the entire way there that I was not going to find them. Really, my inner voice kept taunting me, do you really believe you’re going to find them?

When I arrived at the location and couldn’t find my phones anywhere, my worst-case scenario was coming true.

I wasn’t worried about my personal phone. I own an iphone 3GS that I’ve been meaning to replace. I can go on my ipad and locate it, wipe it, and not worry about the content. I keep it locked, so it should be fine for a few minutes.

My work phone, however, is not locked. On top of the potential for someone to just go on and steal my info — I keep my entire contact list on it — I worried about the fact that my office has a policy that states clearly that I would be written up and reprimanded for the loss of the phone. I would have to replace it, sure, but the reprimand would sting. Even if I did earn it.

As a last-ditch effort, I pulled out my ipad, launched Skype and called my personal phone. I thought that I might hear the ring from the purse or jacket of whoever “claimed” it off the chair… and someone answered… and she told me she had both my phones… and she told me where I could pick them up.

Five minutes later I had both phone in my hands. A custodian had found the phones and turned them in to the security guard of the building upstairs. The security guard was holding on to them.

All I had to do was prove that they were mine.


That was very good luck. And my faith in others is restored for the day. And I know that someone upstairs is looking out for me.

I thnk, maybe, I’ll hold on to the phones for a while.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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