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Scott Karp thinks that Every Newspaper Journalist Should Start A Blog. Why? Well, he has a lot of reasons. The one I liked: “Putting your career on a growth track by not defining yourself as a print journalist.” Good advice.

Barbara Ehrenreich at The Huffington Post has an incredible article about the fact that is recruiting reporters in India to write about Pasadena… California, I think. A must-read. (Special thanks to The Copywriter Underground for pointing me to this.)


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2 thoughts on “Public Relations, Marketing & Communications news & links”

  1. Thanks for the “thanks.” The Pasadena story is so odd that I wondered if it was a big red flag that things had fundamentally changed, or just an odd stunt from a publicity-seeking online news service.

    Time, I suppose, will tell.

  2. Who knows? It may be a combination of both. What astounds me is that I didn’t see this coming, just the ego of someone who thinks she can’t be replaced. 🙂

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