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I had initially started this Web site as a creative outlet. I wanted to have a space where I could practice my web design skills and publish some writing at the same time. I decided to make weekly updates to force me to practice my skills regularly.

At the beginning, and every once in a while, I had a lot of trouble coming up with topics. Writing is, of course, my first and dearest love. It beckons me, calls my name and holds me in its grip. And I enjoy every minute of it. But if you don’t write regularly it becomes difficult to start up again.

Somehow, though, I have been able to offer a variety of topics from fluff to culture. I never thought that anyone would visit my site. It was just a place for me to play around. And now I receive e-mails from people who visit regularly. I receive comments and criticism and suggestions. And I’m aware that my playground is turning more public than I had realized.

As a writer I crave the attention. As a designer I enjoy the idea that people see my work. As a person, flawed and vulnerable, I cringe at the idea that strangers are reading my words, interpreting my ideas and opinions and discussing them. this site has taken a life of its own. So here I am, in the fifth month of existence, and I’m at a loss. Where do I go from here? My site is still my site, but now I have to remember that I have an audience. A *small* audience, but still, somebody is out there. Oh well, I’ll cope.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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