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OK, the Hotel News Resource is probably not a place I would have looked for help on Web site content. But here’s a list of do’s and don’ts that straight from their Web site:

Web Site Content Do’s
1. Does your content speak specifically to the needs of each of your key client segments?
2. Do each of your Web pages stick a specific subject?
3. Do you use clear, concise sentences and correct spelling and grammar throughout?
4. Does your opening screen pull in viewers via multiple entry points of interest?
5. Do you outline key competitive advantages, product/service features and bottom-line benefits upfront?
6. Do you fully leverage client testimonials with memorable anecdotes and enviable ROI data?
7. Do you supply key industry and strategic partner links and use implicit text so they stand out?
8. Are all of your pages easily readable and fully printable?
9. Do you constantly update content with copy from press releases, case studies and newsletters?
10. Do you ask for feedback and follow through promptly on all questions and suggestions?

Give yourself 1 point for each of the above 10 questions to which you answered a resounding ‘yes’ to.

Web Site Content Don’ts
1. Do you use industry or vertical market specific jargon?
2. Does your content stray from the design and/or art on any page?
3. Do you show pages under construction?
4. Do you spread a single topic across two or more pages?
5. Do you split pages between topics?
6. Do you have outdated news, product and service information and/or pricing posted?
7. Do you give your competitors your key clients’ list?
8. Do you use more than three basic fonts?
9. Do you review and rate your Web site content entirely internally?
10. Do you have conflicting content anywhere?

Take away 1 point for each of the above 10 questions to which you can answer a ‘yes’ to.

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Good sales pitch.

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