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Clipped Coupons With Scissors 1Coupons

Ever want to find oud out “What Extreme Couponers Know about Coupons that You May Not“? This post on the Houston Chronicle’s Frugal Confessions blog covers things like what to do with expired coupons (did you know that military families overseas can still use them at their base stores for months after expiration?). Also, did you know there’s a certain order in which you’re supposed to hand over the coupons? Apparently, it does matter.

This and more is covered in the blog post. It’s a good one to bookmark and re-read later.


I’ve been experimenting with curry recipes in the last year or so. I’m getting good at yellow curry with coconut milk. So this recipe for Coconut Red Curry Lentils is one I’m sure I’m going to try.

The thing that’s surprised me the most about curry recipes is the addition of cinnamon. It would never have occurred to me to add cinnamon as an ingredient to a stovetop dish. But it makes all the difference in the taste, and the warmth, of the food.


I came across this great article in the Houston Chronicle: “How to make a Texas diet more Mediterranean.” In particular I like that the article focuses on small changes and decisions that can improve a traditional “Texas” diet.

Indian Food

I love Indian Food, but it took going with someone who knew the dishes to get me try try it. Then I attended a cooking presentation by Shubra Ramineni and just fell in love. Actually having the recipes to work from helped me see the similarities with Mexican food.

Need a primer on Indian food before you start your own love affair with the dishes? The Houston Press’ Eating… Our Words blog has a great beginner’s guide for the novice. Check out “Here, Eat This: A Beginner’s Guide to Indian Cuisine” and work your way from potato samosas with chutney to mango lassis. (Although, I am told from an expert, that the writer got a few things wrong. Yikes!)

Indian Spiced Chicken Wings

I absolutely am going to make this recipe for Indian spiced chicken wings. And I mean that, even though the recipe calls for far more than the four or five ingredients I prefer.

Korean Food

Other than Korean tacos (from a food truck) I’ve never had Korean Food. Houston Press has a primer on Korean Food that I’m bookmarking for future use.

Restaurants to try

I’m adding La Fisheria and Latin Bites to my list of restaurants to try, thanks to this article on Culturemap: “Houston restaurants reimagine brunch: 5 must-try spots that are changing breakfast.” I’m always on the lookout for new brunch places and both these restaurants have good reviews on magazines, etc. (BTW, anybody know what the website is for La Fisheria? Google keeps sending me to a site that has a “suspended” message on it.)


I’m going to admit that I, on occasion, buy, use and eat Velveeta. I’m not proud of it, but I am honest about it. So when I came across this neat post on BlogHer titled “Making Your Own Velveeta Is Easier Than You Think” I knew I had to bookmark it, and share it. As with many of my other shares, I probably will never actually make it myself. Still, it’s nice to have it handy just in case.


News Taco has a great post about Latino food bloggers, “YouTube’s Latino Foodies are creating a Broadcast Niche.” I discovered a few really good Youtube channels to start following.

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