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Another great Lifehacker article I’m sharing today is “How I Broke My Addiction to Takeout and Started Cooking at Home.” Because, as they remind us, Cooking at Home is Cheaper Than Takeout. 

Don’t Overeat

Want to stop overeating? Don’t multitask and focus on your food. According to this article in Health Magazine, too much multitasking can make you overeat. Good to know.


Lifehacker has a great tip article on “What’s the Best Way to Separate An Egg White From the Yolk?” They provide several methods, and even a link to a video that illustrates how to do it… and I can’t. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

French Fries

I love love love frenc fries. I make them at home, but they never come out crispy enough. No more. According to this article by Lifehacker, the trick to making crispy french fries is to cook them at a low temperature until they are fully cooked. Then you remove them from heat, increase the temperature of the oil and fry them until golden brown. In addition, the article notes some additional tips to make sure you have amazing results.

If you want to buy some, though, you need to go to Boheme and try the Vietnamese Fries. When both CultureMap and Houstonia Magazine recommend a dish, you know it’s going to go on my must-eat list. In this case what’s recommended is the Vietnamese Fries from Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar. Culturemap describes them as follows: “Sweet and pungent Hoisin sauce, spicy Sriracha, creamy aioli, fresh cilantro leaves and roasted peanuts.” How can you resist?

Fruit Salad, with spice

I grew up eating food from street vendors: tacos, tortas, elote en vaso, and fruit cups. So, when I came across this recipe for Spicy Mexican Fruit Salad on Babble, I knew I had to share it. The video is from Presley’s Pantry; I’ve spotlighted recipes from that blog before. I enjoy her recipes, but I love her videos. 


Want to cut onions without tearing up? Check out the methods suggested in this Lifehacker article, “Tested: The Best Tear-Free Tricks for Cutting Onions.”

Tabouleh with a twist

One of the great things about living in Houston is that I can indulge in many different types of food pretty much whenever I want. I love Mediterranean food, mainly Greek. Tabouleh is one of those things I try to order as often as I can. I used to call it “cilantro salad” even though, technically, it’s not made with cilantro — it’s made with parsley. And I know this even though I’d never made it myself. This recipe in Running to the Kitchen has a variation of Tabouleh made with strawberries and walnuts. And now I want to know what that tastes like. If you try it out, let me know. 

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