Recipes and Food Posts, July 5


This recipe for Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cups is one of those “share but never make” ones I have here a lot. I like the idea of making them, but know myself well enough to know I never will. Still, the recipe looks like something that wouldn’t be too hard to make.


Of all the places I find recipes and food suggestions, I never expected to find one I’d recommend at the Houston Press. “How to Roast the Perfect Chicken in 10 Simple Steps: It’s Easier Than You Think” is nothing less than what the headline promises. And, to channel Julia (you know which one), use BUTTER!

Moms Confession has a great Whiskey Chicken recipe you absolutely need to try. Yes, it calls for actual Jack Daniels Whiskey.

I also found this great recipe for grilled chicken with strawberry basil sauce. I probably wouldn’t have thought to use strawberries in a sauce to top chicken, but this looks yummy and relatively easy. And I did just buy four pounds of strawberries.

Cucumber salad

Want a variation on a summar salad. Moms Confession has a great Zesty Cucumber Ranch salad to check out. I like the addition of Zesty Italian Dressing.

Deviled Eggs

I love deviled eggs. I found a recipe for deviled eggs, without mayonnaise. It uses yogurt, greek yogurt. Nice.

Or you can try this interesting Spinach Artichoke Deviled Eggs, also with greek yogurt.

Food storage

Ever wonder how long you can keep food on the counter, in the pantry and in the refrigerator? This handy Lifehacker article is a great one to bookmark, it provides information on all three.

Fried Rice

This is a great Vegetable Fried Rice recipe that I am absolutely going to make. The recipe calls it “quick and easy,” and I believe it.

Fruit Flies

Learn how to get rid of fruit flies with this article from RealSimple Magazine.


Latin Times posted a wonderful hamburger recipes for Memorial Day that’s worth bookmarking for future use. Even though Fourth of July was yesterday, there’s a long summer of barbecues ahead of us. The recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of evaporated milk, which is somethign I wouldn’t have tried on my own.

Healthy food

Have you read “7 Foods That Boost Your Brainpower” yet? The list is pretty much what you’d expect, including salmon, flax, blueberries, and dark green leafy vegetables. But it incudes chocolate, which was surprising for me. Apparently it helps protect brain cells. I like that.

Serving sizes

Ever wonder how big a serving size is supposed to be? Check out this video at BuzzFeed Food.


If you’ve never learned how to warm a tortilla, this great video from Presley’s Pantry, on babble, is the place to start. Even if you aren’t interested in the topic, Nicole’s videos are worth a view.

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